Monday, July 25, 2011

Speaking of Lists...

Yesterday I had a big scare. All of my pictures from  my travels (to Haiti, China, Kenya, Arizona, etc) are on an external hard drive because they take up a lot of space on a computer. When I was writing this post, I wanted to put up one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. I connected my computer to the external, and started looking for my pictures. Well, they were gone. It's getting to be that time where I am extremely hormonal, and I lost it. I just started crying (more like sobbing) and mourning the loss of all my pictures. TO make a long story short, my husband figured out that he accidentally deleted them (he felt beyond horrible that it happened) and he spent the rest of the night trying to recover them. Which he did! Crisis adverted!

I agree with Kels. I think most women do like making lists. I know I sure do. I like making grocery lists, to do lists, things I want lists, the list of lists goes on.

This is a list of 10 Things that make me  h a p p y:

1). This picture I took in China. I love it.
2). Hearing my husband giggle as he makes birds explode while playing angry birds.
3). Daydreaming of our upcoming trip to UG.
4). Anticipating the coming of my little niece/nephew very soon.
5). Thunderstorms. There have been so many of them the past couple of days.
6). Drinking black tea in the morning.
7). Summer Clothes
8). Sharing the show LOST with Francis.
9). Listening to The Civil Wars all day every day.
10). Dreaming big for our future.

What things in your life are making you happy lately?

Happy Monday,


  1. You know yesterday we had 117 people read the blog and zero comments. I think people need to step it up. :)

    - Kels

    Also I LOVE that picture. You got it all back????

  2. You mean I have to admit to stalking you? The things you make me do Sarah and Kelsey..... Now you know my dirty little secret - I anonymously follow you because your blog is ever SO entertaining.


  3. You are one of the things that makes me happy! I miss you! I have the picture of all of us on your wedding day set as my desktop picture. I smile whenever I see it!

  4. Kels-people DO need to step it up. I agree.

    Preeti-Admitting it is the first step toward recovery.

    Molly-I miss you too! I hope NC is awesome!


  5. just read it and I have to say that #9 is currently on my short list too. and summer fruits.