Sunday, July 3, 2011

Where can I get those shoes?

Have you guys seen this commercial?

(turn sound to the low setting. trust me.)

I have four complaints about this commercial.

1). Why in the world would someone have a picture of a tarantula as the background for their phone?

2). This woman can't tell the difference between a picture of a tarantula and the real thing? What kind of traumatizing experience(s) has this woman had to make her throw her chair halfway across a crowded restaurant and scream like her head is on fire from simply seeing a spider? I am truly concerned for her. Therapy, anyone?

3). Why doesn't "Dave" calm down the irritating, screaming girl and explain that it's just a picture, instead of crushing the expensive phone with his shoe? Does he just want the screaming to stop, like me? Or does Dave, like scream-girl, confuse the picture tarantula with real life? Perhaps Dave has rage issues and this is how he reacts to everything: he just takes off his shoe and crushes the nearest breakable item...Dave and screaming girl could accompany one another to therapy.

This brings me to the final, most important complaint:

4). While Samsung is trying to sell the real, life-like quality of the phone's screen, I'm more concerned with the structure of the actual phone. My question is, why would I purchase a phone that can be completely obliterated by a man's shoe (in only three blows, no less)? I suppose the true question could be, what kind of shoes is this dude wearing and where can I get a pair?

Whatever happened to those much more practical, indestructible phones of the early 00's?

Just some food for thought on this lovely Sunday.



  1. I too, share your insightful sentiments regarding this advertisment....only I did not go as deep as you did. and now thankfully I don't have to! I smile just thinking about you!