Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

I'm not really a patriotic person. But the fourth of July is the one day a year where I really am proud to be American. I am proud that I am free to worship my Lord. I am proud that as a woman I can vote, own property, have a good paying job, and be equal to men. I am proud that having an American passport allows me to travel the world. I am proud of the men and women who fight everyday to give/help us keep that freedom. Today, I am proud.

I'm also proud of Marvin Gaye for his rendition of the National Anthem:

This was mine and Francis' first Independence Day together. I've never spent the 4th in Elgin before, so I didn't know what our options were for fireworks. Thankfully, my good friend Erin texted me and invited us to watch the fireworks with her and her family. So we did. And it was so much fun.

My handsome husband. Be jealous.
We all got ice cream from the ice cream truck. Erin got
her traditional bomb pop.
Waiting for the show to start.

Typical Erin expression.
You will never again see my husband holding a Diet Coke.
This is a day which will live in infamy.
This is what I wore all day.

Happy (belated) Fourth of July, friends! How did you all (ya'll) celebrate?



  1. Oh my gosh I am jealous. The fireworks look beautiful!!! Also why was Frank holding a diet coke!?

    - Kels

  2. I needed him to hold it so I could fix my blanket : )