Monday, September 10, 2012

Sarah: Life

San Diego offers free college-like courses for adults who live in San Diego county. And I'm taking two classes this fall! Did I mention they're free?

I had my first class last Wednesday - a pattern making class. I love to sew and I'd love to learn how to make my own patterns for clothes; hence, the class. It's a four hour class once a week, for 18 weeks. I'm really excited about it!

The second class that I'm taking just started yesterday. It's a basic photography class. And when I say basic, I mean b a s i c. As in, let's talk about the different kinds of camera. Digital vs. film. Point & shoot vs. DSLR. Granted, it's mostly older people who don't really understand their cameras, so I probably shouldn't judge too harshly. Still, I'm learning a few things. This is the first "formal" photography class I've ever taken. And even though it's pretty rudimentary, I'm enjoying myself.

It feels good to be back in class(es). And to be learning about my passions and hobbies instead of taking courses which are required.

It feels really good. I feel good.

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