Monday, April 9, 2012

Kelsey: Delicious

You are about to experience the world's greatest salad. Get your taste buds ready.

Summer is coming. Get in the mood. Buy some blueberries. And strawberries.


And goat cheese. Have you ever had goat cheese? I think goat cheese is the perfect starter cheese for the person who has only enjoyed cheddar and cream cheese. Its mild and soft and delicious. If you like this we can move onto harder stuff.

Raspberries. Buy them from costco, eat them constantly.

Have you ever been to Super Target? You need to go. I love anything Archers Farms. This dressing is basically crack in a bottle. I just bought 3 jars because I am tired of having to make special trips just to buy it. We make this salad a lot.

This is the most important thing you will hear all day. Do not substitute for a different brand of poppyseed dressing. This is the stuff. Get yo butt to Target.



  1. Since Kels came to San Diego, I have made this salad 5/8 days. So so so good!


  2. Also, I bought the Panera (fat free) poppy seed dressing and it was also delicious!

    Another side note: literally every time I try to type "poppy", I A L W A Y S wind up writing poopy. No lie.