Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sarah: Sleeping Habits

Guys. I love my bed. It's my most favorite place/thing in our apartment. It's so comfortable and inviting. The bedding is mismatched - there's a quilt I thrifted in college, my duvet from college, the bright blue pillow case is from bedding I had in high school, and the yellow sheets are an old Christmas gift. But still. I love it.

Want to know something weird about my sleeping habits? I can't sleep unless Francis is in bed with me. At night, when I'm more tired than he is and I go to bed it doesn't matter how tired I am, unless he's in bed with me I can't fall asleep. I'm pretty sure it's because he's usually out in the living room either watching tv or surfing the internet and my mind is wondering, "What's he laughing at?" or "When is he coming to bed?". It's like my mind can't really turn off until he's by my side.

In the mornings, it's the same kind of deal. His biological clock usually has him up around like 7am. He will usually lay in bed for about another hour or so before he gets up. But when he does get of our warm cocoon of a bed, I'm up too. It's different though when he leaves for work. If I know he's getting out of bed to get ready and then leave for work, I just keep on sleeping.

It's like I subconsciously hate the idea of missing out on any of our lives together - even to sleep.

Am I the only one who's like this?

Also, kind of off the subject, but I'm giving up chocolate for Lent. Are you giving up anything?


  1. Nope. I've only been married a few weeks and I'm the same!

    I was sick last night and laying in bed resting by 6. Teddy wasn't sick, but I asked him to come and lay down with me because I wanted him nearby...

  2. It might change. Give it time : ) I'm sorry you're sick!

    Does your ear feel any better?