Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kelsey: Proposal

The story of how I met my fiancé... is told very differently by he and I. And it is told much better by him. He is a natural story teller. I am a natural... rambler. Basically in my version. We met in college while I was studying abroad. He was a friend of a friend, I needed help with a project I was doing on the Acholi tribe for class. Friend was like hey this dude is Acholi he will help. So Denis "helped" me. And at this early point in the semester I still could not understand most people with their thick accents. All I remember is that he taught me how to properly say the word "rwot" and then I looked all smart in class. I love looking smart.

Then I ran into him a couple days later and he was like, 'Hey do you remember me?' And I was all, "yes! you are... mmsmjhfmm." I did not remember his name. So needless to say it was not love at first sight.

A month or two later he took the same bus as me into town and we hung out the whole day. Then I baked him cupcakes in oranges and he started hanging around my house all the time. Finally he asked me to help him with his html project. Oh yeah. html. Those moves don't work on a lot of girls. But they work on me. We bonded over a bootlegged copy of dreamweaver. Sigh.

But more importantly than how we met is how he proposed!

Has Sarah told her proposal story on here? If not she totally needs to. Frank proposed to her while I was studying abroad. And he was really sweet and kept me in the loop about everything. I like to be in the loop. Even for other people's special moments.

Our friend Meghan got engaged a month or two before I did. She told me that when Jason proposed he said a bunch of stuff before he asked her the question but she wasn't really paying attention because she didn't realize that this was an important moment. Fortunately he wrote it all down so she read it all later.

I basically remember nothing of what Denis said when he proposed. I sort of knew it was coming. He took me out to a movie and I had a suspicion that he had gotten the ring earlier that day. But then he didn't have a jacket or anything and I couldn't see a ring box hidden anywhere on his person. Oh yeah I checked. We saw the movie 'Courageous' which is a Christian movie about being a Godly father. I cried probably 4 times. Including at the end and through the first part of the credits. So basically as soon as I stopped crying from the emotional movie he got down on one knee in the movie theater. And then there was the most sparkly thing I have ever seen in my life. And then I cried some more.

Ew all pictures of hands look gross. Right? Its not just mine. Focus on the ring.

We drove home and went over to a neighbors house where my parents were at a wine tasting party. Except the wine tasting had totally turned into Margarita tasting and my already loud rambunctious neighbors were on a whole new level. We walked in and showed them the ring and there was much screaming and jumping up and down. Then people who I knew and some who I didn't know started telling us how long they had been married (20 - 30 years!) and giving us fun advice, the kind of advice you get at a wine/tequila tasting.

One of the most fun and exciting nights of my life.


  1. love! I knew Sam was going to propose on the day that he did, because he wore cargo shorts, giving him a place to stash the ring. I totally picked out my outfit that morning thinking, "What do you want to get proposed to in?" Even though Sam thinks I am lying when I say that.

    I chose my most comfortable pants.

  2. wait, kelsey!! you're engaged! how amazing is that? aside from all the other amazing things about you! i'm so happy for you!! josh proposed like this: "so, do you want to?" i was like: "um, yeah, do you?" haha blessings on you! - stef

  3. Kels, this is adorable!!!!!!

  4. Thanks! He proposed in November, just taking me a while to write it down. :)

    - Kels