Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sarah: Good Fun

Guys. I found this website that allows you to morph your face with your friends', spouses', celeb crushes' face to see what a combined version of your would look like OR to see what your babies would look like.

This is Kels & me:

Aren't we pretty?
Prettiest imaginary child award goes to
this little angel.

This what Husband and I would look like:

bahaha. This cracks me up. It's kind of attractive,
but mostly terrifying.

And this is what my future daughter will look like:

Doesn't really look like either of us. hmmm.....

I just thought I'd share something fun & silly! If you morph yourself, I want to see the result!


  1. Ahh you and F together is indeed terrifying. Sorry :(

  2. hahhaha! Thanks, Preeti! I agree