Monday, November 28, 2011

Sarah: Pretty Little Tops

One: I love the pale grey & peter pan collar on this little number.
Two: Do you see this blouse? Mint green, a collar, & a bow. I think I'm in love.
Three: I tried this one on at anthro last week, & it was super cute. The sleeves rock.
Four: Is it just me, or is burnt orange a really flattering color? 'Cause I love it.
Six: I currently love the baggier, bohemian style blouses going around. They're [usually] flattering & they make your style look effortless. I especially like the neck of this blouse.
Seven: Mustard & Floral pattern. Delicate & feminine.
Eight: I also tried this shirt on at anthro & I adored the fit & embroidered details.
Nine: I love the neckline, small key hole, & bow in this pretty little top
Ten: I own nothing with polka dots. Can you believe that? How pretty would this dotted blouse be with a simple necklace?

On a completely unrelated note: This morning when I went to work, I accidentally took both sets of keys, so Husband didn't have car keys to get to work. I left work 3 hours early to get them to him (his new job is super strict on being late). As I was driving, the van overheated three times & I had to call a tow truck. I left work at 7:15 am & reached home at 10:50am. Husband had to take a cab to work. Good job, Me.


  1. First of all I love them all. Obsessed with 5 and 7.

    That sucks about the van!!!!!!

    - Kels

  2. Ohmygoodness. I love them all. Especially two. It's my ultra-fav : )