Monday, October 10, 2011

Sarah: Almost Homeless

Francis and I lived in a hotel for one week. We got a pretty fair weekly rate, but at the end of the week we knew we wouldn't be able to afford another week in the hotel and a security deposit/rent (if we ever got to that point). That Sunday we attended the "ladle meal" at a local church for the homeless. We thought it was like a potluck type thing because the bulletin called it a community meal. It was really interesting to be one the other side of a homeless ministry and the way they ran the ministry was really strange to me...but that's another post for another day. Anyways, while we were eating with our homies, we were researching. We asked them if they know of cheap accommodation, job opportunities, and most importantly; where they shower. On check out day, with this information in hand, we were fully prepared to move into our cars. We were going to put our clothes, personal items, etc in my car and sleep in the back of Francis' car. And we planned on taking advantage of the free showers at the beaches.

But then...

An apartment that we applied for 5 days before (that we hadn't heard anything from) called us and told us that we got the apartment. We moved in that day.

We really like the apartment. It's really small. All our neighbors are from Somalia. Our neighborhood is very culturally diverse (it reminds me of the refugee community in Wheaton). One huge negative is that there are tons of cockroaches. BUT the positive side of it is that our landlord has agreed to take rent off our bill until the problem is taken care of. How awesome is that? We're still moving all out stuff in and getting situated, but we're so grateful for the roof over our heads. Even if it's also the roof over the cockroach's heads.


  1. congratulations! I will pray for you and the demise of your critter friends!

  2. Oh my gosh. So glad you got a place! I can not wait to see pictures!!!!!

    - K

  3. Praising God for your apartment!!!! I am also so amazed by you and your hubby. What an amazing story to tell your kids one day. You guys have some big time guts! Keep it up and your faithfulness.... He will reward you!

  4. Sarah, I am praying for you and also just so encouraged by your blog! I always look forward to reading it! I love you and Kels!
    Carrie C.

  5. This made me really sad--thinking of you guys looking for a home. I'm glad you got a place!!

  6. Carrie-Thanks for reading and praying! We love you too! I hope Kentucky is treating you well : )

    Rachel-Don't be sad! It's part of the process!! But we're really happy about getting an apartment, too. Now we're just hoping Francis gets a job soon!