Friday, October 28, 2011

Kelsey: How to friday. How to go shopping in Africa.

Shopping in Uganda is a treasure hunt. Every store has the same basic items except for once in a while when something crazy like Doritos shows up. Oh that was such a good day.

This is the largest supermarket in Jinja. We don't do those big fancy Kampala supermarkets. What we have is more like the food mart you find at a gas stations. Except with much less food.

This is taken from the corner to show how long the store is. Note the Chips Ahoy and Oreos they sell! These showed up a couple months ago and we bought tons of them thinking they would go away but they seem to keep getting them in!

This is the same corner the other direction. I think it is about half as big a a Seven Eleven. It is half food and half home goods. These guys sit in the corners I assume to stop shoplifters because they certainly aren't there to help you find things.

Mister Potato crisps are the second best thing about this supermarket.

These are number one. They are individual Indian food meals. Vegetarian and ready to eat just have to heat. I love them.

The much cheaper and more fun shopping happens at Jinja central market!

Fresh fruits and veggies stacked in fun little piles. GIant bars of soap artfully arranged. I love the market.

So some of these are beans and rice, some are flour, and the rest I will never know.

We bought that one. I would rather eat pineapple than any other food. I don't even know why they sell pineapple in America. It is like dirt compared to this stuff.

Uganda garlic. It is in tiny pieces and takes forever to peel.

This garlic in imported from China. Its gigantic and easy to use. But it really freaks me out that it is from China. Why is China sending garlic to Uganda. China is everywhere!

These are bags of peanut butter, cooked and uncooked. 

This is the mother load. It took me a really long time to find these stalls. They have hot peppers, zucchini, cucumbers and sometimes even lettuce!

Coke bottles filled with cooking oil. If you drink a whole one you get it for free.

Popcorn! This is the best place in the market.

Smoked old stupid fish. This is the worst. 

Mmmm hanging meat.

This look means "If you don't stop taking pictures I am going to walk far away and pretend we have never met."

And then it happened.

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