Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kelsey: 25

I am trying to make my 30 by 30 list but I keep thinking of the fun things I did before I turned 25. So I had to make a list.

25 things I'm glad I did before I was 25

- Got a tattoo, in Haiti

- Volunteered in Mexico

- Sang all over China

- Licked the Great Wall

- Went snorkeling all over the Caribbean

- Studied abroad, everyone should do it.

- Got baptized

- Watched every episode of LOST at least twice, time well spent

- Memorized The Lion King

- Saw Les Mis in London

- Learned sign language and worked with my favorite deaf person, Stef!

- Conquered fear of spiders and lived with a tarantula

- Met Denis (this is number one)

- Made the perfect vanilla cupcake

- Lived alone

- Lived in Africa

- Spent 7 years as a vegetarian

- Milked a cow! Then drank the milk.

- Dyed my hair crazy colors, glad I did it, glad its over.

- Ate a lot of lobster and a lot of Jello

- Learned to drive a stick shift

- Learned midwifery!

- Visited Europe

- Grew my first garden

- Learned all the words to the song "American Pie"

I totally milked at least half of that jug! 


  1. I was thinking of this the other day and came up with something that I thought was a great thing to put on my 30 by 30 list....and then I completely forgot what it was. Sigh.

    I need to make a list of 30 ridiculous things to do. I have managed a significant number of very average/typical/expected things by age 26. Time for the extraordinary and unexpected!

  2. I know I was making my 30 by 30 and it was kind of lame! I need to spice it up!

    But you have had a pretty fun 26 years! You have been like a million places! You fluently speak a foreign language. You have a tattoo and its awesome. You made the worlds greatest sandwich when you were in 6th grade! Remember that? I should have put that on my list.

    I was reading other people's 30 by 30 lists and they had really responsible things on them like pay off debt, have baby, blah blah. Makes 30 kind of depressing!

    - Kels

  3. Pay off debt is good....boringly responsible, but so liberating. But things like "get married" and "have a baby" on any kind of deadline list freak me out because they open the door to put meeting the deadline ahead of doing things at the right time for you and your life. Plus, like, if you want to get married or have a baby, you're going to pursue that goal anyway, right? It's not like you will forget. So for things like that it seems better to let the chips fall where they may and trust that things will work out in time.

    I think the difference is this: 30 by 30 lists should be for things that are dreams, but that are easy to put off and will keep getting sidelined forever unless you make them happen. Getting married and having babies are legitimate deams, but most likely if you want them and don't have them, it's not because you're putting them off--it's because the right person/place/situation has not developed yet.

    Lists should get you to act on things that you would otherwise put off...but not give you a reason to rush things that are outside of your control, and worth waiting for.

    This is the hypothetical "you" here, not YOU Kelsey. Just everyone in general.

  4. what about the time "someone" tried to give you an STD by "testing" your blood sugar level with a used needle? That was memorable to me.

  5. Kels this is like the best list ever!!! Your blog always makes me so happy!!!!
    Carrie C.

  6. Hahaha Joanna. I could have done without that particular adventure...

    Thanks Carrie!

    - Kels