Monday, September 5, 2011

Sarah: Eating Candy

Since I've been in UG, my posts have kind of been the same thing: I just tell you what I love about it. So, in the spirit of tradition, I'm going to stick with that theme : )

Perhaps the thing I love most about being here is that I get to experience my husband in his culture and around his family. Usually when people date (and especially before they get married!) you meet the future in-laws and get to see your significant other around their family. I think that could be really eye-opening. You get to see where they come from, who helped shaped them, and a possible shadow of what they could become in old age. I never got to experience that. So, within the past month or so, I had been preparing myself to see different sides of Francis that I've never seen before - the legit Ugandan/family side of him.

I expected that he would be different somehow and I wanted to mentally prepare myself to meet those differences. But they never came - and I should have known better. With Francis, what you see is what you get. It's one of the things I love most about him. He is no different around his family than he is around me.  He is no different in the States than he is here. Although, he does speak a different language most of the time and he's slightly more animated/outgoing.

So now to what I love about being in Uganda: Being with his family. Frank has already heard all the old, embarrassing stories (mostly from my mother) about me, and I was feeling a little left out of the fun. Well, let me tell you: his sisters have so many stories about Frank and I am eating them up like candy! Not to mention I get to see all his baby pictures! Seriously, look at him!!!

Frank in the middle with his twin friends
back in the day : ) I die.

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