Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sarah: Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season. By far. I love the crisp air, warm sunshine, pumpkins, football games (falling asleep during them, not watching them), the changing of leaves, and light layers. But for some reason, this year....I'm just not feeling it.

What is wrong with me??

Here's my theory:
I left America in August a sunny and warm 82 degrees to arrive in beautiful Uganda which has perfect weather all day, everyday. I think I forgot that we were coming back in the middle of September - aka autumn. I actually didn't think that much about coming home (escapism) I was shocked as I walked out of the international terminal to a chilly 50 degrees and tons of sunshine! What the heck kind of weather is this?!

I think I'm tired of the midwest and its fickle weather.

Tomorrow, we're leaving Elgin and heading to San Diego. Which by the way, is only 21 minutes from the Mexican border.

So midwesterners, once the beauty of fall is over and the bitter winter has set in and you're all freezing your butts off - come visit me in sunny San Diego.


  1. TOMORROW??? It can't have been a week already. I can not believe you are packed.

    - Kels

  2. I know. This week has flown by...


  3. Safe Travels Friend. Sorry we never got to get together. Please know that I really wanted to :)

  4. It's ok Rachel. I really wanted to get together too, but I just ran out of time...