Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sarah's Announcement

Hello friends! Francis and I have some news! I've been waiting for a couple weeks to share it on the blog because there's still so much we need to figure out before it actually happens, but...

More specifically, the San Diego area. And we are so excited!!!! As I said before, there are still a lot of (major) details that we need to figure out (like where we're going to live and where we're going to work), but we can hardly wait for the adventure to start!

We are hoping to have (most of) the details figured out before we leave for Uganda August 28th - which only gives us one more week - yikes!! And we hope to move pretty quickly after we get back on September 15th. We are going to pack up our stuff, load our cars, and drive across the country to our new home.

This is a major time of transition for us and there's such a mix of emotions going on. We're excited, nervous, anxious, did I mention excited? We're currently researching our butts off to find jobs, housing, a good neighborhood, etc. I even found my husband reading an article titled, "How to Live Out of Your Car Safely". We're hoping that it doesn't come down to that, but if it does at least we'll know the ins and outs of living in our cars! hahaha. So needless to say, we would really appreciate you sending your prayers and positive thoughts our way! Oh, and if you know anyone in the San Diego area that can help us out, let us know--we need all the help we can get!

p.s. The picture is not of San Diego. It's actually a picture of Hanauma Bay, Hawaii from 1996 that I took when I was in first grade.


  1. Hooray! Is it officially San Diego? What made the decision for you?

    - Kels

  2. Kels-YAY! I know! It's so exciting!!!! And yes, it's fo sho San Diego. What decided it for us was the fact that we couldn't find any affordable housing in San Fran or Santa Barbara. haha. Somewhere to live is kind of

    BTW--We leave for UGANDA in ONE week!! ohmygoodness!


  3. Congrats--San Diego is awesome!

    But also, I am startled that you were in 1st grade in 1996. I feel old.

    Sorry, you probably get annoying comments like that all the time, as do I, since for awhile I was the youngest person where I work.

  4. Becky, YOU feel old. How old that must make me. (Was that Yoda speak?)

    Is San Diego any cheaper than those other places?

    Once you get there let me know. I used to live in La Jolla (OK, actually Birdrock which is situated between La Jolla and Pacific Beach, but I had a La Jolla address) so I can probably give you some 30 year out of date recommendations on what to see or do. I wish I knew more people out there to help you out, but alas I think it is just my old roommate and I'm not sure that would be a good match. ;-)

  5. Becky-I know, I know. You and Kels are the age of my older sister. So I'm sure I DO seem young to you. I can't help it.

    Todd-Yes, from the research we've done, San Diego is (surprisingly) much cheaper than the other two cities. And I'll definitely let you know once we're settled in : )


  6. At least Todd posted so I am not the oldest one here! ;) I have family in San Diego. I'll email them and ask for phone numbers/ideas. We are FB friends. They are my cousins and very nice.

  7. OMG, Michelle! That would be AWESOME!!! Please let me know if they know of anyone who rents or if they know of an available apartment/space!

    You rock!


  8. I may have some peeps that can help. I will put some texts out.
    super sad you will move without our lunch date!!!
    (but super excited for you!!!)

  9. Jo-We could still have a lunch date! Frank and I will be moving the 22nd of September--exactly one week from when we get back. Will you be in school or can you squeeze me in?