Monday, August 8, 2011

Kelsey: Care Package!

My awesome mama sent me a care package. Have you seen my mother? She is amazing. I hope I do grow up to be my parents. They are weird and wonderful.

My beautiful mother, Sally. She is ice skating in this picture. She would want
me to point that out because she was flabbergasted as to why I would not
include the skates in the picture. She is much better at skating than I am.
Also she can hula hoop like 3000 times. 
My poor mom has to deal with care package requests at least twice a week. But this one was sent before the begging began which makes it that much sweeter. Side note: When I was a child my parents used to make me say, "Mother/Father dearest whom I love and respect and shall always obey may I please.... go to the zoo, play at Robyn's house, get a cat etc." I still resort to this in desperate times (care package begging is a desperate time). I will also totally make my children say this.

Care package contents:

Those bright blowfish things were a huge hit with the kids. We spent at
least an hour terrifying the baby with the green one.
Yay! Stolen condiments are the perfect size, do not need refrigeration
and they are yum.
Uh Yum.
I cut up some tomatoes and added one packet of mayo to this tuna. Wrapped it up in a chapatti and it was delicious. DELICIOUS. I have been thinking about it ever since. I love that this comes with spices already in it.

hate mornings
She sent these amazing giant rollers that I got from target. I have always loved the little rollers but they turn my hair into a tight curly crazy afro. These rollers give big soft curls.

clearly needs no explanation
My mother sends only the essentials. Mustaches are very necessary. Denis' mother found these in the sitting room and brought them to me wondering what they were for. After I explained they were for fun, like a costume. She looked at them quizzically and then looked and me and said, "But why?" Uh I really can not tell you mom.

The best part about the spicy condiments and the dark chocolate is that no one else in the house will eat them! I love when I dont have to share. The family tried the mild sauce from Taco Bell and choked on the spiciness. The dark chocolate was declared bitter and many questions were asked about why you would ruin chocolate by making it bitter.

Toys for baby Alisha. These toys will be sent to the north because Alisha is back in the village now. Oh the journey they have made to get to that baby. She will show her appreciation by trying to eat them I am sure.

Those were the highlights. Thank you mom! I expect the warm feeling that comes from a care package will carry me for at least a week. :)


  1. Blast, Sam just stole like a gallon worth of Taco Bell sauces for you, and we were hoping we would be the first to think of sending you taco bell sauce. I guess we can't be the first but....more will be on its way to you soon. (Via Sarah).

  2. Your mom is so cool! I love that she sent mustaches! I am addicted to this blog and check it every day. Here is a message from Matthew: "No, no way, we are not going to tell him anymore. I never didn't tell him anymore. I will not share with him." Matthew still needs to work out his pronouns. He knows you are a girl, he calls me him too. He is a bit grumpy, I guess. No message from Mason because he is still sleeping. Love you!

  3. It was fun to see the pictures because I forgot what I sent due to the long time it took to get there. Glad you like it all. I'm getting a little worried what Denis' mom is going to think of me when we finally get to meet someday (because I send things like mustaches and her first response is not laughter...)YouRe a sweetie. Love you