Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank you!

I got my first piece of mail and it was from Sarah!!!

This is what I look like very excited very early in the morning.
Beautifully wrapped
It was a beautiful handmade journal! My friend Casey taught Sarah how to bind a journal and Sarah sent me the first one she made! It has colored paper and quotes inside of it.

This card is now hanging on my wall. It is completely filled with Sarah's writing. Love it. Thank you Sar!!!!! If you couldn't tell this was definitely the best part of my week. Also notice how Denis has lost interest once he discovered there was no food for him to eat. Hahahaha.


  1. So the question is: did Sarah actually mail this before you left? How long does mail take to arrive?

  2. Becky-I sent it the DAY that Kelsey posted her mailing address. I had it all ready to ship and once I got the info, I headed to the Post Office.

    Kels-You're welcome! I'm so glad you like it : ) (and that it found its way there safely)


  3. It got here the middle of last week. So I think it took two and a half weeks according to the postage stamp. I just need to start checking the mailbox more often.