Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How does your garden grow?

I have three small gardens filled with herbs that hopefully will be popping out of the ground. Gardening makes me feel like superwoman. I can put seeds in the ground and food will come out of the ground. Actually edible food! Well I suppose that remains to be seen. But I still have the good feeling.

My tiny garden lives in this bigger garden.
My square garden
It even has markers for the herbs. Also it has two sticks around it to protect it from wildlife. More sticks are coming.
Seeds sprouting!
 I am not good at keeping things alive. I have killed many houseplants, multiple hamsters, and frogs. Seriously. If something cannot tell me when it is hungry then I can not remember to feed it. If this gardens survives it will be a testament to the fertile soil of Uganda.

That is the stuff
This week has been extra dry. I am pretty sure it has not rained in 5 days. It better rain today because I do not have a hose and carrying water to the garden really bums me out. Also rain is automatic but watering is something I have to remember to do.

From the small bit of time I have spent in this garden I am now permanently stained brownish red. My feet will never return to normal. My nails will never be free from dirt. But it will all be worth it when I make pesto, or guacamole, or pizza (because I will have basil, cilantro, and oregano to name a few). The garden is a calming place. Its nice to sit in the dirt and pull weeds while surrounded by tall stalks of corn and sugar cane. We are currently having some issues with our neighbor. These issues make me furious because they are unjust and mean hearted and basically our neighbor is just evil. That story is still to come. For now I need to calm down and spend some more time in the garden.

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