Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In Uganda people say Hanger. When you want to eat you have anger/unger. When you are mad you have hanger. Also when you yawn it means you want to eat, it has nothing to do with being tired. Anyways I am angry. I think it has to do with the rain and the fact that it refuses to fall. My garden is drying up. The maize is wilting. The grass is dried up and brown. The dirt has lost all moisture so it is disgustingly dusty everywhere. It gets in my hair and my eyes, it makes everything in the house covered in a thin film of dirt within hours of cleaning. Its pathetic. I think without the rain we are wilting along with nature.

Today it sprinkled for 10 minutes. It was not hard enough to even feel it but only to barely hear it on the tin roof. It was a cruel tease.

Other than the rain my anger comes from problems with my witch of a neighbor. I am not calling her names, she actually practices witchcraft. That, somehow, is not even my problem with her. If I were to call her a name it would probably rhyme with witch... She is being evil to the members of the Otema house. It is such a long story that I don't think I will write it here. But it gets worse everyday and makes me want to scream.

The woman does not actually live next door but is the owner of the property next to us and rents a house to multiple families, who we get along with very well. Because she doesn't live next door I almost never see this woman. Denis will not tell me where she lives because he thinks I will march over to her house and give her a piece of my mind. A few weeks ago when this was all starting I never would have done that. I do not yell at people. I work things out. I am not afraid of conflict but I do not instigate it! Well not serious conflict, Becky will tell you that I constantly instigate small conflicts. But seriously I was stomping around the house seething but I would not have gone to her house and seethed! Is seethed a word? I think yes.

Well the woman has stopped coming around the property next door. Everyone (I mean everyone in the neighborhood who knows her and also knows the situation, news travels fast here) assumes that it is because she knows she is in the wrong but she can't back down now. It is good for me that she doesn't come around. Weeks ago I would have sat down and talked with her. At this point I have so much dislike for her that I would probably yell, or stomp, or slam a door, or kick a rock. I would definitely do something VERY smart. So good thing she stays wherever she is and I can stay here and try to learn to love my neighbor, who I really Really dislike.

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  1. bahahahaha, "I am not calling her names, she actually practices witchcraft." SO FUNNY. And please, PLEASE kick a rock. HAHAHAHA