Thursday, June 23, 2011

1, 2, 3 contact me. 1, 2, 4 contact me more.

Hello ladies and gentleman. I just wanted to write an update with my contact information. If you feel like calling me, and I hope you do, this is my number


The cheapest way to do it is using a phone card from NobelCom. Or text me. But check with your provider. Or if calling is too expensive you can add me on skype.

Skype username = luvbugkgl

Or if you feel like mailing letters or things this is my address. It is Denis' box so his name has to be on it. But you can put mine under it or in parenthesis or something.

Denis Otim
P.O. box 1563
Jinja, Uganda

In my experience letters do not make it here but packages almost always do. So if you feel like sending a letter stick it in a padded envelope and its almost sure to make it. If you feel like sticking something else in that envelope I do have a request. I miss condiments from America. The ketchup here is so not ketchup (its like Wendy's sweet and sour sauce). Anyways someone gave me the idea of grabbing the packets of condiments from restaurants. They are the perfect size for a meal, they don't need refrigeration, and they are free. I love free. Next time you are at breakfast grab the peanut butter packets and syrup and all that jam and stick them in your purse. Seriously I think the weirder the better. Although ketchup would be really nice. And good mustard. And hot sauce. I'll take anything.

The condiments I brought.

If stealing condiments isn't your thing then send chocolate. But don't steal that. There is not a single decent piece of chocolate in this entire country. It all tastes like wax. Also I would love to have pictures of you. Michelle and Joanna you need to send me new pics of your kids! If you want to get letters from Africa message me your address. I have envelopes stamped and ready.

- Kels


  1. on it. although you know that mailing is not my spiritual gift. actually not even a love language. or a discipline. but I will great is my love for you! (stealing = not an issue. I will get the kids to do it.)

  2. haha I love the idea of sending you little packets of ketchup and stuff :) I shall have to do this :) Miss ya Kels and I will fb message you my address...we can write letters to each other :D hope all is well love ya girl!