Thursday, May 26, 2011

Six Days & Counting

Kels leaves in approximately 6 days 23 hours and 49-ish minutes (but who's counting?).

She told me roughly two weeks ago that she was going to be leaving for Uganda in about three weeks. While the more self-sacrificing, empathetic part of me is screaming out of joy and excitement for her, the selfish part of me is thinking: "My best friend is leaving the country. For a year...suck." I think about all the awesome things we were going to do together this summer and upcoming year, like: road trip to Ohio (Meg Han!) and the East Coast, crafting, hanging out with our a w e s o m e cat; and I get super bummed. But then I think of all the awesome experiences that she's going to have and how, in her absence, I'll make new friendships and experience life in a brand new way. That's not say I won't miss the hell out of her, because I will. But it will be good for both of us. The time apart will be time to grow, time to explore, time to appreciate each other.

I will be holding onto these next 6 days 23 hours and 37 minutes for dear life.



  1. Are we allowed to comment on our own blog? I feel like we are since I didn't actually write that post. Just wondering.

  2. I vote yes. Since it will kind of be a conversation between the two of you, it seems only natural. can't wait to read the adventures!

  3. and I decided you need a covert ID at the beginning of them so we know who is talking. Like ug and us or something. cheech/chong. whatever.

  4. skaggs is Sar. I''m going to be using my other gmail account to leave comments.